About Application

TremaAn app measures frequency of tremor (e.g. Parkinsonian tremor) from video

Install TremAn3

Below is a download and installation description of TremAn3 app and eventual certificate.

Installation Process

  • Install Certificate (instructions below)

  • App Installer

  • Open app installer. Click Install:


  • If instalation completes with error:

    Either you need a new certificate installed for this app package, or you need a new app package with trusted certificates. Your system administrator or the app developer can help. A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which isn't trusted (0x800B0109)

  • Follow steps for installing certificate first:

How To Install Certificate

Here certificate.

First Step

  • Open certificate. You will be asked if you want to open this file. Click Open.

  • Click Install Certificate.

Second Step

  • Select Local Machine (not the default option!):

  • Click Next and Yes in next prompt.

Third Step

  • On Certificate store screen, select Place all certificates in the following store option and click Browse.

Fourth Step

  • Select Trusted People and click OK. Then click Next.

Fifth Step

  • Click Finish:

Sixth Step

  • Cerificate was successfully imported!